Product Review: FoodCycler™ FC-30

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I’m always on the lookout to make a difficult job easier and late last year I discovered a wonderful home composting system called the FoodCycler™ which can be done inside, doesn’t smell and isn’t messy!  Since moving up here 2-1/2 years ago we did a complete garden overhaul but haven’t been able to compost. Bears and coyotes make that difficult for us without an electric fence up here where we live in rural New Hampshire. But that has all changed thanks to us finding out about the FoodCycler™ FC-30. Food Cycle Science, the company which distributes the machines, is a Canadian company that focuses on bringing green technology to homes and businesses across North America to combat the increasing problem of methane emissions caused by the influx of food waste in landfills.

This in-home composting system is so incredibly easy to use– I just feel the need to tell everyone about it!  A quick look at some our Instagram posts will show you how much we love this composter. First off, let me say that for the most part it is just the two of us here, but we do get the occasional visit from our kids or friends who contribute to our trash on occasion.

How Does it Work?

FoodCycler™ FC-30

The FoodCycler™ FC-30 is a multiphase organic food waste recycling machine that dehydrates and converts food waste into compost. It’s very stylish and fits in nicely with other kitchen items like your coffee maker. I don’t have a lot of counter space up here, so our composter is sitting on the floor in a space that’s out of the way and easy to access.  The interior of the unit holds a removable cast iron bucket which holds a 2-3lbs of food scraps. I fill it up right away, other days it takes us a few days to fill it up.  During the process which takes somewhere between 3-6 hours, the food waste is agitated and heated up to 179.6ºF (82ºC); thus helping to reduce the food waste in volume.  The system is able to sustain the proper heat levels needed to kill harmful bacteria, so you can also throw in food scraps you wouldn’t normally throw in your old compost pile such as meats, fish and chicken bones – even cheese!  Last night was the first time we used it with chicken scraps from a whole chicken and some leftover veggies. We had been to the dump earlier but picked up the chicken at the grocery store right afterwards. The thought of the leftover carcass and scraps sitting in the garage over the next week was very unappealing, so I finally decided to give it a try and compost the chicken and so glad I did! We were extremely pleased with the resulting compost and I feel a whole new world of composting has opened up to us. Another great thing about this system is since it is so well made, the cast-iron bucket cleans up quickly. Most of the time all I have had to do is rinse and wipe with a paper towel, but it easily slips into the dishwasher as well.

Our compost made with
the FoodCycler™FC-30

We have been using the FoodCycler™ for the last 6 weeks and are really quite happy with quality of the compost it produces.  I keep a small trug next to the unit and dump the finished compost into it. It doesn’t smell at all and right now my garden is under 3 feet of snow, so it’s just as easy to leave it inside next to the unit until it fills up.  When it’s on it’s quiet and doesn’t use any more energy than a small microwave oven. The FoodCycler™ reduces methane gas emission since the aerobic digestion process doesn’t create any methane and any CO2 emissions created in the process are captured by the carbon filters built into the unit. All in all, we are cutting down on our carbon footprint in so many ways, making less trips to the dump and not contributing as much food waste into landfills.

5 Green Thumbs Up Rating
5 Green Thumps Up

It’s for all these reasons we give the FoodCycler™ a 5 green thumbs up. In fact, I liked the machine so much I reached out to the company to see if there was a way we could work together. Homegrown Harvest is a small company and we work with suppliers who directly ship to our customers since we don’t take on inventory. We don’t have the space or means to deal with that, so Food Cycle Science was kind enough to extended to us a $30 off coupon code: HomegrownHarvest2019 that we can share on social media.

[Please note – we don’t make any money off of the sale the FoodCyclers™; we are just happy to be able to offer our followers a discount on a product that we think is a well-made and will make a difference in helping us all live a more sustainable lifestyle.]

7 Comments on “Product Review: FoodCycler™ FC-30

  1. Hi! Can you share how you make the compost? Do you add anything to the dehydrated food waste from the machine? Have you used the resulting compost already Thanks!

    • We use kitchen scraps plus coffee grounds. What we will do with the compost is use it to top dress our vegetable garden beds. We haven’t used the compost yet since our garden beds are still under 3’ of snow.

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    It’s March 2020 and we’ve been using our composter for over a year now and love it even more than before. We purchased another of the cast iron inserts so that we could alternate easier between loads. We just took a 20 gallon fabric bin filled with out compost out to the garden That makes 40 gallons in the one year we have been using it.

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