27 Days until Spring

In less than a month spring will officially be here – at least on the calendar. For many people who live in the northern parts of our country (zones 2-5) snow may still be blanketing our gardens. We live in zone 5, 1500 feet up on the side of a mountain where currently our garden is encased in at least 3 feet of snow. I take solace in the fact though knowing that underneath it all there are carrots and garlic seed which were planted in the fall patiently waiting to resume the growth they started before going dormant to be awakened by the spring sun thawing their winter cover.

winter Garden 2020
Our garden buried under the snow.

In about two weeks we will set our clocks forward to observe Daylight Saving Time. The time of year where we try to deceive ourselves in to thinking the day is suddenly longer. There’s a meme on the internet which points to the ridiculousness of this and personally it messes me and the dogs up for months.

But the hours of light are increasing and that is a psychological boost signaling to gardeners that we are approaching the growing season and it’s time to get ready. Seed catalogs are coming in the mail weekly and have been since mid January. Now is the time to get start taking inventory of your leftover seeds from last season. If you think they are old and may not geminate – give them a test. You can look back my post from February 2019 “It’s February! What Should I do in My Garden?” to read how to test your seeds.

  • What Do Do in February

    • Take stock of your seed inventory

    • Test germination

    • Plan this season’s garden on paper or your computer

    • Order new seeds and plant starts

I ordered our seed potatoes early from The Maine Kitchen Lady in late January. I waited too long last year thinking I had already placed the order but discovered in March much to my chagrin that I never hit send and the stuff was sitting in the cart. Unfortunately for me some varieties had already sold out by then leaving me with less than I had originally wanted to order. I love growing potatoes and varieties which are available for those of us who choose to grow our own is spectacular. I believe I ordered some sweet potato starts as well. Keeping a log book is always a good idea I have found since I always forget what I ordered and that’s how I discovered last March that I hadn’t placed the seed potato order when I thought!

heirloom potatoes
Homegrown potatoes

There’s lots to do to properly prepare for the growing season. For some who have the space you may want to be starting to seed some starts. I don’t have the space anymore and it can be a lot of work but it can be well worth the extra effort. This year we are getting a jumpstart on the season with our new Tower Garden HOME, the latest product from Tower Garden which we sell online. We are big believers in the use of Tower Gardens for homeowners, school and restaurants. They are a great way to garden in a small soil-less space that’s clean and easy. Since we just set up our unit 11 days ago, we are test-driving the product for an upcoming product review. We try to always use any of the products that we sell in the Homegrown Harvest Store and we have installed ourselves and used all of the raised garden bed kits that we carry.

Tower Garden HOME
Our Tower Garden HOME unit 11 days after setup.

So here’s to the coming of spring and the increasing light of the day! May the sun warm our earth and ourselves, helping both to continue to grow.

Happy Gardening!

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