Six on Saturday – March 14 2020

I visited the garden this morning finally released from the blanket of snow and ice that obscured it since December. Here are my Six on Saturday.

1. The Rock Meditation Area

The rocks and crystals which I left out in my little rock meditation/sitting area last fall.

2. Elmer, our garden gnome

Elmer, our garden gnome seems to be sporting a sawed-off shotgun these days and is at the ready to deal with the chipmunks, squirrels and woodchucks.

3. Everlasting Strawberries

The strawberries are one of the only signs of life in the garden.

4. Our coldframe boxes

Under the cold frames is the beginnings of more life in the garden. The first leaves have sprouted from the soil from seed of overwintering vegetables like Bloomsdale spinach and Mokum carrots. Chesnock, German Hardy and Music garlic lays in between the frames under the sterile straw hay mix.

5. My soil thermometer

I glance down at one of my favorite tools in the garden, my soil thermometer. 30° Brr! I’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the sun to warm up the soil.

6. My raised garden beds

I glance around and look at all the work I have before me. I’m excited about it. I’m excited about the longer days of light and the warmer temperatures and all the challenges our garden will bring this season.

5 Comments on “Six on Saturday – March 14 2020

  1. Those cold frames are fantastic looking. Love that you planted garlic between them. Welcome to SoS!

  2. Your gnome really made me chuckle! Glad your garden is starting to waken…

  3. It is a true gardener that finds joy even before the start of the season. Lovely of you to join us.

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