WTF is that?!

We walked out to the garden one morning with coffee in hand, like most mornings, when I immediately see this disgusting looking stuff which has attached itself to the side of one of our raised garden bed.

What the f*ck is that?!! It’s disgusting looking. Did one of the dog’s get into something and hurl on the garden bed or something? Is it bugs infesting our garden? This wasn’t there yesterday was it? So many questions.

Thankfully the internet provided the answers. It was Fuligo Septicai, also known as scrambled egg fungus or dog vomit fungus. Hadn’t I asked about the dogs earlier? Fuligo Septicai, Dog Vomit fungus is a member of the Myxomycetes class and is a type of plasmodial slime found in moist, shady areas on natural things. The slime is a saprophytic mold which feeds on decaying organic materials, like mulch, untreated wood, leaf litter or decomposing logs. The spore are hearty and resistant and just wait for conditions to be just right to come to life. It’s not a disease, nor will it harm your plants. It’s just really ugly and seems to appear overnight.

The remedy was simply to scrap the blob off the garden and chuck it into the woods. I didn’t want the dogs to eat it and then it would be dog vomited dog vomit fungus which could potentially be much messier to clean up. Luckily it never returned again to our garden. So that is what the f*ck that was.

This is post is also an entry for this week’s Kammie’s Oddball Photo Challenge from Nuthouse Central.

One Comment on “WTF is that?!

  1. First I was not sure if I was to be disgusted or intrigued. I’m definitely educated now, I’m glad it was a real dog vomit! And I am very much appreciate you being able to tell us what it was LOL

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