Six on Saturday : Our Tower Garden & Cold Frames

It’s still cold here in zone 5 where we live in New Hampshire. The garden’s raised beds are still mostly frozen with the exception of the bed that has our cold frames on it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our garden and start growing some heathy and delicious food. Here are my Six on Saturday.

Wetting the rock wool before seeding it

The rock wool is used to hold the seed and vermiculite which are put into the Tower Garden HOME unit, our indoor aeroponic grower. It’s so easy and simple to grow your own greens and veggies with Tower Gardens!

We are growing a mixed blend of lettuce and basil – both varieties came in the heirloom seed kits that are shipped with the Tower Garden unit.

Lettuce galore

I had started some peas about a week ago which had germinated, so I put half of them in the Tower Garden and the other half in the garden underneath the cold frame. Under the cold frames the soil is warm and you can dig your fingers down below 2 inches. What a difference the cold frames make!

Christine planting peas in the garden

Along with the pea shoots I also brought out some lettuce I had started in the Tower Garden that I thought would be good to have it finish it’s growth in the cold frame. It grows so fast in the Tower Garden I needed to take the smaller ones so I could free up some space in the Tower Garden to start more seeds!

transplanted lettuce starts and pea shoots

3 Comments on “Six on Saturday : Our Tower Garden & Cold Frames

  1. Good day – I enjoyed your blog – we also have a Tower Garden – ( four of them ) two ready outdoors – one that has been set up in the garage for winter harvest with grow lights – and our newest one – the 13 gallons with grow lights. We have been harvesting for 7 or 8 years – we were part of the pilot program ( the black-based one) and was pleasantly surprised when I read the blog. Thank you for posting and keep harvesting – we live in Northern Va.and have friends who live in Exeter! HGD Tom

    • Thanks for reading my blog. We love our Tower Garden units – we’ve been growing in what they now call the flex for the last 8 years now, as well as being a Tower Garden distributor. We just got the new HOME unit which I show in the photos – love it so far but not surprised. Thanks again – perhaps you will share some photos of your Tower Gardens some day during one of our Homegrown Harvest Photo Shares – I’ll definitely have to include a week of Tower Gardens!

      • I will do that – my wife and I both are in the business – great to connect – we have our seedlings started – and we are using the new one for showing. Thank you for responding! I just checked and I have 2 or 3 blogs on the Tower Garden. my blog site is Have a great day!

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