Six on Saturday 3•28•20

It’s still too cold to get things going in the outdoor garden up here where we live in zone 5. My new lettuce seeds arrived which is good since the Tower Garden is ready to be fully harvested of it’s lettuce soon and that will free up space for the seedlings.

1. Lettuce seeds
2. Wetting down the rock wool
3. Romaine lettuce seeds in the rockwool
4. Broccoli, cauliflower and celery seeds

After putting the seeds in the rockwool and cover up the seeds with some vermiculite. I wet everything down again, leaving some water in the very bottom of the black plastic container. Making sure the plastic container is snapped shut as to keep all the humidity within the container and placed them under the Tower Garden grow lights.

5. Seeds under the lights

I’m very happy with the progress of our peas – we should be enjoying fresh sugar snap peas soon! I’ll have to get more peas started next time.

Happy gardening!

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