Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Week 3- Snapdragons

Welcome to the third week of our Homegrown Harvest Photo Share Week 3 – Snapdragons! We look forward to seeing your photo shares of snapdragons from your garden – it can be a photo or a few photos like we have here. Or it can even be a piece of artwork that you would like to share of a snapdragon. Whatever it may be – we’d love to see them!

Tag your posts Homegrown Harvest Photo Share or HHPS and definitely leave us a link in the comments below!

Snapdragons are a wonderful addition to the garden whether in the garden beds or in pretty containers set around the garden. Snapdragons’ botanical name is Antirrhinum majus. The Latin, Antirrhinum means “like a snout” or “counterfeiting nose”.

Snapdragons in a raised garden bed

There are many varieties to choose from (~40 different species) from the family Plantaginaceae, the family of plantains and range in flower colors, including green, red, orange, yellow, white and pink.

Dragon flowers

They grow to be a height of 15 to 120 centimetres (6 to 48 inches), depending on whether they are dwarf, medium or tall varieties. Snapdragons are a long blooming flower to choose for your garden as they will bloom throughout most of the gardening season.

Join us starting April 1- 7 th when our next Homegrown Harvest Photo Share will be strawberries! We want to see your beautiful homegrown harvest of strawberries and the beautiful plant they came form.

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