Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Spinach

Spinach is one of those greens which is very easy to grow and you don’t need a lot of space to grow it either. A container is just fine or in your raised garden bed or Tower Garden, perhaps. These days while going out to the supermarket on a daily basis for fresh produce is not an option due to the pandemic, spinach is an essential choice for growers.

There are so many different varieties of spinach to grow at home. Some of our favorites include Palco, Regiment and Red Kitten to name a few. Originally from Persia it was introduced into China in the 7th Century. Today China is the world’s largest producer of spinach producing 85%-91% of global production. California is the largest U.S producer responsible for 74% of American production.

Bolting spinach

In 1933 during the Great Depression, Popeye was credited with a 33% increase in spinach consumption. Spinach is best eaten fresh, as it loses its nutritional properties from the time it is picked from the ground. It is full of nutrients and has a high level of oxalate which can prevent the body from absorbing iron. Oxalates can sometimes cause kidney stones in some predisposed people. You can boil raw spinach to eliminate most of the oxalic acid. Raw spinach is 91% water and 100 grams has 3.57mg of iron versus 100 grams of hamburger which has 2.49mg of iron. Spinach leaves also act as a mild diuretic and mild laxative.

So if you are looking for a simple and easy crop to grow, consider growing spinach. Just like other greens spinach doesn’t require a lot to grow, although has a tendency to prefer the cool weather of spring and fall to summer, unless you have an indoor set up like a Tower Garden which will allow you to grow cool weather crops no matter the weather outside.

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