Product Spotlight: Tower Garden Flex

Let me start off by saying right upfront that I am an independent Juice Plus+ Partner and I sell their Tower Garden Home Gardening Systems. I sell Tower Gardens because I know they are an easy and effective solution for home gardening because I have been a personally used a Tower Garden system for the last 8 years. I wanted to write a review of the Tower Garden Home Gardening System Flex but since I sell them I figured a “review” may not thought of as appropriate. Afterall why would I give a product I sell a bad review. The answer to that is I wouldn’t sell the product in the first place if I didn’t think it was a good product. But thought it more appropriate to call this post a Product Spotlight which will discuss various products that Homegrown Harvest sells and recommends. So welcome to our first Product Spotlight feature!

I first was introduced to the Tower Garden by accident, despite the fact that Mark and I had just started Homegrown Harvest and we were actively looking for easy solutions for people to be able to grow their own food.  But our focus was on traditional raised garden beds when Mark stumbled upon the Tower Garden one day.  I had blown out my back and couldn’t drive so he took my daughter Samantha up to lacrosse camp in Newburyport, Massachusetts for me. They were getting sandwiches at the local deli when Mark saw the Tower Garden outside for the first time. He snapped a photo of it and sent it to me immediately. [I have so many photos that when I went to go find this photo of this first Tower Garden he saw, I couldn’t find it. What really ticks me off is that I saw it not too long ago , within the last week and was excited to find it thinking I’ll come back to that when I write the article. Alas, best laid plans.]

We had never seen anything like it and knew absolutely nothing about growing hydroponically. But were both immediately drawn to the beautifully growing produce that we saw growing from the tower that we had to find out more. Basically, the Tower Garden Flex system is an aeroponic system that takes up less than 3 square feet of space. It’s a home gardening system that lets you grow fresh, nutritious fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers anytime, anywhere – practically.

The Tower Garden is what I consider the iPod of home gardening systems. Designed to be simple and easy to use, its clean, sleek design doesn’t intimidate beginner gardeners new to hydroponic systems or gardening in general. As a matter of fact, the Tower Garden is perfect for people who don’t want to bend or get their hands dirty. There’s no dirt, no digging or weeding! No need to worry about contaminated soil or excavating rocks from the earth. It’s the perfect system for my baby sister, a very capable woman who doesn’t even walk barefoot in the grass because it feels icky. Thankfully, the Tower Garden has allowed her to see that she can grow some of her own food and not have to touch the dirt at all. Again that’s one of the things that I love most about the Tower Garden, it’s so easy to use even for the person who thinks “I don’t have a green thumb” or “I’m not a gardener’.

The vertical design of the system uses 90% less space and allows you to be able to grow in some interesting places from balconies, backyards, front yards, side yards, classrooms, poolside, on the porch, roof or patio, even in the kitchen. Wherever you want and have the less than 3 square feet of space and access to an electric outlet.

Research has found that aeroponic technology versus traditional growing methods is a much more efficient way to grow produce yields are increased by an average of 30%, plants grow up to three times faster, and uses as little as 2% of the water. The Tower Garden Flex growing system is designed for outdoor growing or indoor growing with optional LED grow lights. We’ve used our Tower Garden both indoors and outdoors with great success.

If you have ever seen a strawberry start when it comes out of the mail – they look like dead things you already killed. Clients don’t like to see dead looking things planted in their new strawberry containers – they like a little more instant gratification than that and if you try to sell containers that way, if probably wouldn’t go over very well. I found the Tower Garden to be extremely helpful when it came to pushing the strawberry starts along to at least where they would leaf out and even start to flower. I’d come downstairs and check on my plants every morning with coffee cup in hand and I swear I could see the daily change in growth.

The Tower Garden Flex holds 20 gallons of water in the reservoir. You can plant 20 plants and with the extension kit as many as 28 plants on one tower. You can actually buy as many extension kits as you like and make one tower as tall as you like, but you need to purchase a more powerful pump in that case. The pump the kit initially comes with is good for at least one extension kit. If you enjoy microgreens you can purchase the microgreen extension and grow as many as 52 plants on one tower!

As I mentioned earlier setting the Tower Garden up is simple and easy. One important step in the final set up is testing the pH of your water. They include everything you need, a simple pH Test kit as well the pH up and down adjustors you may need. They also include the Tower Garden Mineral Blend Plant food and a measuring cup, so you have all the tools you need.  The plant food is important since this is what helps make your produce healthy and nutritional. Add the plant food first before you test the pH of your tank’s water. This way it takes into account the precise pH that your plant’s roots will grow in and optimally for vegetables you want your water to be somewhere between 6.0-7.0.

How Does It Work?

The way the Tower Garden works is that the low wattage submersible pump pushes the nutrient rich water up through a central pipe which then drips down the inside of the Tower Garden evenly cascading over the exposed plant roots. A timer ensures the consistency and repeats the process continuously usually in 15 min. increments – 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, on, off, on, off…This delivers the ideal amount of oxygen, water and nutrients to the plants.

Also included with each system is seed starting supplies: a germination tray, rockwool cubes, vermiculite, net pots, and a variety of seeds. Rockwool is a soilless growing medium which provides plant roots with oxygen and consistent moisture, encouraging rapid healthy growth. This little kit makes it simple and easy and again not intimidating to the novice gardener. Once the seedlings sprout with their first leaves, all you have to do is pop in your rockwool into its netted pot or clip in the Tower Garden and off you go!

Overall, I find the Tower Garden to be very low maintenance, only having to refill the reservoir every 2.5 to 3 weeks. Each time you fill up the tank, you need to add nutrients and re-test the water. We have grown and harvested hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs. We’ve grown beans, greens, tomatoes, peppers, squashes, flowers, herbs, even a radish! We had to experiment – it’s the one things Tower Gardens can’t grow – root vegetables. I’ve enjoyed the Tower Garden so much we always set of them up in our outdoor garden each year, set right next to our cedar raised garden beds. This season though because of the pandemic we will set up at least 3 possible 4 of them in the garden to try to grow as much fresh produce as we can on our own to keep up a little more independent from having to run out to the store to buy something.

As I said at the start of this post , I sell Tower Garden Home Gardening Systems, accessories and supplies. If you are interested in checking out more information about the Tower Garden Home Gardening System visit my Tower Garden Store. There are two types of Tower Garden units, the FLEX which I spotlighted in this post and their newer HOME unit which is I will write about sometime soon in the future as we have just recently set that up and been growing indoors with it. Look for that Spotlight blog sometime in the future!

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