It’s May on the Mountain

Welcome to New England where if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes. This morning I saw a meme that said “Now I know what it’s called May, because it may rain, it may snow, it may be 20ºF, it may be 70ºF.

We spent the day yesterday preparing for the four chickens we are receiving later today. It was a beautiful day to be outside and we are very happy that we took advantage of the good weather. I wrote a post for my Xine’s Pack blog about the day and all the work we did. It’s definitely a new chapter in our lives up here on the mountain.

We picked up 3 more inches of snow in the last 24 hours, making our snow total for the 2019/20 season 102 inches. Thirty inches less than last season. The winds are howling outside and it’s keeping me from going out and working on the chicken coop, aka the Poultry Palace. The sun is shining on my lawn but the skies over the lake look dark and nasty, like they aren’t done dumping something – snow? rain? I can’t make out Cardigan Mountain right now which faces my house, it’s so obscured by the clouds, and that view has changed a few times depending on when I look up. Same for the lake for that matter, sometimes it’s there and then it’s not! The constantly changing views is one of the thing I enjoy most about where I live.

I haven’t really started the outdoor garden, I know that as soon as I do, it will snow or frost – even if it’s the end of May. I always have had to go out and cover the tender crops at least once a season because some weird late frost or snow happens. We’ve been growing food indoors with our Tower Garden FLEX which I am an independent distributor and I have a few things already growing under our three cold frames in the outdoor garden. If it weren’t for the chickens coming I may have started to plant my potatoes but thankfully simply didn’t have the time yet to do it.

As I look up again from my computer and look out the window – Cardigan Mountain and Newfound Lake have reappeared. I even see a large patch of sky, what I refer to as The Simpson’s Blue since it reminds my of the blue sky and clouds in the opening of the Simpsons cartoon credits. Now that’s more inviting to go out into, not the wind needs to die down since it’s making already unseasonably cold temperatures, down right ridiculous for May. My weather station says it’s 32ºF but feels like 24ºF with the wind.

The funny thing is I don’t think twice about going out in this type of weather in the winter time. It’s just psychologically tough to go back to dealing with it when we were just getting the enjoy some nice, warm days after being cooped up in the house. The weather has been such that there have only been a handful of days where you could get outside and be comfortable for any given period of time.

It’s snowing again, I just looking up because the wind is hitting the windows so hard and it sounds like a freight train is roaring towards the house. Maybe I’ll wait a little while longer before venturing out there.

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