Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Marigolds

We are obsessed with marigolds for all the good they do in the garden above and below ground. This week’s Homegrown Harvest Photo Share theme is marigolds!

Marigolds are important in the vegetable garden. They are flowers that work on a duel level – emitting an enzyme in the soil which deters root eating nematodes and above the soil their fragrance attracts beneficial pollinators including hoverflies, lady bugs and parasitic wasps. Some of the varieties which work best in the garden include French marigolds, Tagetes patula which comes in a wide variety of colors. The African marigold, Tagetes erecta is taller than the French marigold and has larger flowers. Gem marigolds, Tagetes tenuifolia are small compact mounding variety which has more leaves than flowers. Then there is Mexican mint marigold Tagetes lucida which when cooked mimics the flavor of tarragon. All in all, there are upwards of fifty varieties of marigolds.

Many people however, confuse or mix up Calendula Calendula officinalis also known as pot marigolds for marigolds. Calendula does not help the soil in the way that marigolds do but have delicious edible petals. Marigolds are edible as well but they don’t al taste the same or good for that matter. Mexican mint marigolds (Tagetes lucida), French marigold (Tagetes patula) and Gem marigolds (Tagetes tenuifolia)are tasty additions to your culinary choices of edible garden flowers.

So show us your marigolds by creating your own own Homegrown Harvest Photo Share post and create a pingback which links back to this page and share your post link in the comments section. Check out the link for future Homegrown Harvest Photo Share Themes

Happy Gardening!

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