Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Carrots

carrots with marigolds

Welcome to this week’s Homegrown Harvest Photo Share where the focus is on carrots! We love carrots and love seeding the garden with a variety of carrots. Since we’ve been growing in raised garden beds are carrot have been much easier to grow and couple them with marigolds since they emit an enzyme that protects plants from root eating nemotodes.

There are so many tasty varieties to choose from when seeding your own carrots. Some of our favorites include Purple Haze, Giants of Colmar, Little Fingers, Romance, Merida, Mokum, Sugarsnax and Yayas. But we are always trying and adding new varieties every year.

Purple Haze + a Little Finger

Carrots are high in carotenoids which is antioxidant compound making them a healthy snacking option and since they are so tasty, especially homegrown ones they are easy to get children to eat. Back in my day, Bugs Bunny was the big advocate encouraging kids to eat their carrots by nibbling on them ver and over again while asking “What’s up , Doc?” Raw or cooked, both ways carrot are very healthy for you. Cooking carrots makes some of the nutrients more easily absorbed into your system. Three medium carrots contain 60mg of calcium, 586 mg of potassium, a little magnesium, phosphorus, and Vitamin C. As well as, 30,000 IUs of vitamin A, 15,000 units of beta-carotene and 6,000 units of alpha-carotene and 5g of fiber.

One of the fun things about growing carrots, besides pulling out a successfully grown carrot, is finding perhaps some funny or strange shaped carrots. But no matter the shape or size, a homegrown carrot tastes like carrot contrate versus the carrots avaible in the supermarket.

Now that’s a carrot Bugs Bunny would enjoy!

We hope you will join in our Homegrown Harvest Photo Share this week or in the future. We love to see other people’s gardens and harvests. Happy gardening!

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