Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Show US Your Gardens!

This week’s Homegrown Harvest Photo Share is Show Us Your Gardens! Gardening season is kicking in as the temperatures warm up. This week’s theme is gardens and we’d love to see photos of your hard work and beautiful gardens!

If you want to join in and share your garden photos, simply make your own Show Us Your Garden post and use the tags: Homegrown Harvest Photo Share, garden photography, gardens… Be sure to include a pingback to this page, here’s the link to use https://yourhomegrownharvest.com/2020/06/11/homegrown-harvest-photo-share—show-us-your-gardens/

Our Three Sisters Bed with Corn and squash – I have to seed the beans

Theses are some photos of our garden from the other day. Things are coming along nicely and we just had a nice soaking rain last night which the plants always love. I still have much to clean up and have been filling the potato sacks as needed. I should be done in a few days and then I can seed some zinnias on top perhaps.

Potato sacks around my firepit of strawberries and marigolds
The eggplant looks happy
Perennial bed with strawberries and asparagus
looking towards the chicken run
Tower Gardens

Happy Gardening!

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