Monday on the Mountain

It’s been a long day on the mountain, Mondays usually are. I started the day around 4am, the dogs began to stir around 4:10am and we all hit the bottom of the steps and were in front of the coffee maker by 4:15am. As the coffee brews, I dish out dog treats to the my pack: Marley, Gunner and Boomer. I’m at my desk by 4:20am and writing in my journal. This goes on every Monday and every day. Around 5am, I head outside with the dogs to feed the chickens and let them outside to their run.

We’ve been getting a consistent four egg day for the last week now. Miss Lucy finally figured things out and stopped dropping her eggs from the roost.

The strawberries are losing their blooms as the fruit develops. I’m so excited the plants look really good this season. I’ll have plenty of fresh strawberries, enough to make our own preserves this year.

The irises have bloomed over by the what I refer to as the ledge garden. Our house and land is on the side of a mountain and there is plenty of ledge around here.The sun was setting the other night and shining on them making them look even more delicate.

After spending the morning dictating and editing my book I’m writing, I drove to Agway in Plymouth, NH to get more bags of soil. I need to cover the potatoes I have growing in the grow bags. I also stopped of at Flowersmiths and picked up some flowers for the planter boxes out front. Tuesday will be planting day and I have plenty to plant since I haven’t planted the peppers that arrived the other day. This is how you lose plants, by waiting too long to get them into their containers or beds. I also should mow the lawn which has grown ridiculously long in the last two weeks.

Oh good the sun went down, I can go out and close the hens in their hen house for the night. The dogs and I take our last walk outside, but we have to wait until after sunset; the chickens like to be out at sunset but go inside on their own shortly afterwards. So once they are put to bed and the dogs have been walked, then I can go to bed, so that I can do it all over again tomorrow.

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