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Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Marigolds

We are obsessed with marigolds for all the good they do in the garden above and below ground. This week’s Homegrown Harvest Photo Share theme is marigolds!

Flower of the Day – Echinacea

Flower of the Day

Eggplant Flower & Bumblebee

There is an exciting feeling I get when I see one of our garden in bloom for it means that soon the fruit will develop from that bloom. When we first started to help people learn about vegetable gardening I was amazed how many… Continue Reading “Eggplant Flower & Bumblebee”

Flower of the Day: Pea Flower

We started the peas from seed on March 6th in the rockwool and about a week later we were able to put them into our indoor Tower Garden HOME unit. Six weeks later and they have just begun to flower. We will be eating… Continue Reading “Flower of the Day: Pea Flower”

Punch Drunk With Pollen

I remember walking out to the garden the morning that I took this photo. This was just one of many punch drunk bumblebees that were covered in pollen and asleep in the center of one of the many flowers in the garden that morning.… Continue Reading “Punch Drunk With Pollen”

Pink Morning Glory

Originally posted on Xine Segalas Creative Arts:
I used to grow morning glories in a small container along the side of my house but it wasn’t in a place that I could admire them from the windows that faced the backyard of my house,…

Pink Petunia

Petunias are wonderful flowers to include in the garden. Pink Petunia is my Flower of the Day – FOTD.

Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Week 3- Snapdragons

Welcome to the third week of our Homegrown Harvest Photo Share Week 3 – Snapdragons! We look forward to seeing your photo shares of snapdragons from your garden – it can be a photo or a few photos like we have here. Or it can even be a piece of artwork that you would like to share of a snapdragon. Whatever it may be – we’d love to see them!

Strawberry Bloom – FOTD – 2•28•20

I love strawberries. I love growing them because I love to eat them. There are everbearing types of strawberries which are strawberry plants that produce consistently from late spring through the fall. June-bearing is just like it’s name sounds and produces over 2-3 in… Continue Reading “Strawberry Bloom – FOTD – 2•28•20”

Flower of the day 3•22•2020

I love zinnias in a garden, particularly in or near a veggie garden to bring a variety of pollinators. For that reason they are a fantastic companion plant. Zinnias are an annual which comes in a vast array of colorful choices.