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Homegrown Harvest Photo Share – Week 3- Snapdragons

Welcome to the third week of our Homegrown Harvest Photo Share Week 3 – Snapdragons! We look forward to seeing your photo shares of snapdragons from your garden – it can be a photo or a few photos like we have here. Or it can even be a piece of artwork that you would like to share of a snapdragon. Whatever it may be – we’d love to see them!

Strawberry – FOTD- Berry

Yummy, yummy strawberries. This is one of the best garden plants for beginners since they are so easy to grown. Great for getting the children involved with gardening and learning to grow their own food too. Strawberries are perennials, so that means you plant… Continue Reading “Strawberry – FOTD- Berry”

Cold-Hardy Vegetables Can Take A Chill

There are plenty of vegetables which can be planted in the early part of spring – even as early as mid-March depending upon what zone you live in.