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When planting your garden don’t forget about Companion Planting

Companion planting has played a vital role in the survival of people throughout history. When companion plantings are used they help one another grow, thrive and produce higher yields efficiently and with little impact on the environment.

WTF is that?!

We walked out to the garden one morning with coffee in hand, like most mornings, when I immediately see this disgusting looking stuff which has attached itself to the side of one of our raised garden bed.

Homegrown Harvest Live Q&A Thursday

Welcome to Homegrown Harvest Live Q&A Thursday! Every Thursday at 2pm, Mark and Xine answer questions related to gardening or sustainable living from followers during their live podcast aired on Instagram @homegrown_harvest Daphne from Connecticut – Zone 6b asks “How do you take care… Continue Reading “Homegrown Harvest Live Q&A Thursday”

Homegrown Harvest Live! Q&A Thursday

Every Thursday live on Instagram @homegrown_harvest answers questions from followers about gardening and sustainable living. If you have any questions you would like answered, we would love to help out. Send your questions to info@homegrownharvest.com. Samantha in Maine asks: What’s the best way to… Continue Reading “Homegrown Harvest Live! Q&A Thursday”