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Product Review: FoodCycler™ FC-30

[Note: We do not make any money from our Product Reviews. We purchase the products we review, unless otherwise noted.] I’m always on the lookout to make a difficult job easier and late last year I discovered a wonderful home composting system called the… Continue Reading “Product Review: FoodCycler™ FC-30”

Earth Day: Yesterday, Today – All to Preserve Our Futures

On April 22 the world will be celebrating the 48thanniversary of Earth Day.  Earth day is a day the world turns its’ attention to the importance of our environment and the challenges it faces. It’s a day where organizers all over the world coordinate… Continue Reading “Earth Day: Yesterday, Today – All to Preserve Our Futures”

Bein’ Green – Living Green

Kermit used to struggle with “Bein’ Green” and many Americans, as well as others around the world today struggle with ‘living green’.  Our society has been accustomed to throwing things away – after all it sometimes feels like takes more effort to recycle. Three… Continue Reading “Bein’ Green – Living Green”

Composting: The Making of Black Gold

They call it Black Gold because what it can do for your plants is priceless.  People think that composting has to be difficult – but it doesn’t. People have a way of over-complicating things.