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Six on Saturday 3•28•20

It’s still too cold to get things going in the outdoor garden up here where we live in zone 5. My new lettuce seeds arrived which is good since the Tower Garden is ready to be fully harvested of it’s lettuce soon and that… Continue Reading “Six on Saturday 3•28•20”

Six on Saturday : Our Tower Garden & Cold Frames

It’s still cold here in zone 5 where we live in New Hampshire. The garden’s raised beds are still mostly frozen with the exception of the bed that has our cold frames on it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our garden and start growing some heathy and delicious food.

Patience Grasshopper!

About a year ago, I was talking with a friend and he was telling me about how most of his seedling he had worked so hard to start, didn’t make it in his garden. I asked him if he had hardened them off and… Continue Reading “Patience Grasshopper!”